Build open-source tools

Find what you need in our open-source library where we showcase designs made by our community and by us. They all come with the information and files you need to build them from scratch.

We offer full transparency in the tools we design, which allows you to:

  • customize or upgrade them easily to your exact needs and
  • repair them autonomously and gain more control over your workflow.

Learn by yourself

Acquiring new technical skills or finding answers to a particular manufacturing problem is often a hassle. In this section, you’ll get access to all the knowledge we’ve gathered over the years. Access video tutorials related to the tools we offer and get hands-on with them in no time and kickstart your creative process without having to read a 100-pages user manual.

  Get inspired by our community

We love to showcase what you make out of our tools. Get some inspiration by looking at what others made in the gallery.

Meet our team

In 2018, we launched Mekanika with one idea in mind:  facilitate local communities' access to manufacturing processes ,  through  open source tools  and  quality educational content

Our objective is to help people create, prototype or produce small series with quality tools and machines, which can be made by themselves or by ordering kits. 

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