Skateboard Wall Hooks

Starter Level


This first project is a great starting point for any beginner.

It’s not only an easy one, but also one you can use on a daily basis (if you are a rider). 

You’ll need to make two pieces of this holder to hang a board on the wall (see picture). 


The Gcode is made to get the board out of a 74 x 120 x 38 mm stock. 

We used two pieces of plywood glued together to get the right height, but you can use any material you want for this project. 


Oversize your stock (+20 mm at each side) to be able to secure it properly to the spoiler board. Securing it firmly to your spoiler board will not only avoid your piece to fly around, but will also reduce the amount of vibration during milling and by means improve the surface finish. Go check our “Feeds and Speeds explained” article to learn more about the influence of parameters on your milling results.

End mill

We used a 6 mm 3-flute flat end mill for this project. You can buy one directly on our webshop

If you’d like to edit the Fusion360 project (to use another end mill for example) you can download it here.


The G-code is made out of 1 basic operation:

  • The contour of the piece will leave a 0.3 mm stock at the bottom that should be cut with a chisel or a knife to free your piece. The spindle should be set to run at 20-25 000 rpm as our feedrate is 2500 mm/min. The pass height is set to be 3 mm.


All Files (Fusion project, Gcode, ReadMe)