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Colin Snaps, CEO

"As a graphic design company,  one of our main competitive advantage is our ability to rapidly materialize our ideas in-house . We don't only sell ideas and digital projects, but also final hardware projects."

TAVU is a one-of-a-kind graphic design company, able to iterate quickly, to deliver projects in no time. One of their biggest new clients demand in 2020 has been custom signs. 

We've decided to work together to help them grow.


"What I love about Mekanika is their ability to  make things simple : I built my machine myself, understood how it worked, and was able to quickly start selling projects with it.  The learning curve was way below what I expected ". 

Discover Mekanika

Our goal is to help companies and artisans manufacture with ease, locally.
We give you the autonomy you need to unlock your creative potential.

Advanced CNC, made simple.

We designed this machine with a goal in mind: providing a very reliable and ergonomic desktop CNC router, having high-standard performances at an affordable price
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Online Knowledge

CNC machines aren't only meant for engineers and learning how to operate them can actually be easy! That's why we release every month hands-on tutorials and tips, to help you start creating right away. 

We design with care

One machine for life

We’ve featured components that require little maintenance and can be easily replaced. This machine will last a lifetime, and every option we'll develop in the future will be compatible.

Minimalist and powerful

We like beautiful machines that still are capable of amazing performance. Our machines are designed with your use in mind, for you to get the most out of it.


It shouldn't take you hours to understand if all the options you need are included in the price you see. We are willing to offer transparent and fair prices on our machines.

Open source

We believe in sharing knowledge. Our machines are entirely open source and will always be.

See our machine in action


Expand your possibilities

We believe the next step in hand-made products includes being able to work with several materials on a same project. With one machine, you can easily work with dozens of different materials.


Work 10 times faster

We've confronted traditional woodworking to working with our CNC machine. While it doesn't replace other power tools, it greatly improves the speed of your workflow.


Technical information

Modular Working Area

Choose in between three sizes:
650 x 650mm  |  650 x 1050mm  |  1050 x 1050mm.

High Speeds

Rapid moves at 10.000 mm/min and cutting speeds up to 5000 mm/min.

User-friendly software

The machine comes with PlanetCNC software installed and already configured on a Raspberry Pi 4B, no need for an external computer to control the machine.

High Precision

Ballscrews accurate down to 0,01mm - 0,05mm, with a repeatability of 0,01mm.

Made in Europe

High-quality aluminium profiles and digitally manufactured steel plates.

Lifetime Spare Parts Availability

In case you have a problem that is not in the scope of our warranty, we guarantee the availability of any part of our machines for sale.

Discover our tutorials


Mill your first project

Don't spend hours learning theoretical stuff: start milling in under an hour.


Improve your work accuracy

After your first mills, you'll quickly realize that a good spoilerboard is mandatory to precise milling.

We want to help  

We know it hasn't been easy for local businesses and entrepreneurs in 2020. So we'll take the time to help you take the right decision. Let us get back to you to see how we can help.

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