CNC machine sponsorship program

Telling your maker friends about Mekanika has never been so useful.

Sponsor & Win €200 

At Mekanika, we make it a point of honor to support the artisans, makers and do-it-yourselfers of this world by designing durable machines to equip the makers of tomorrow. 

We believe that your continued satisfaction is the best way to contribute to our mission, which is why we are now offering this sponsorship program to owners of a Mekanika CNC machine.

How does it work exactly?

 Anyone who orders a CNC machine and mentions you will win a €200 (incl. VAT) voucher for you, plus a €200 (incl. VAT) discount for themselves.  

All they have to do is mention the following information when making their purchase: 

Your first and last name

Your e-mail address

As soon as the order has been validated, you'll receive an e-mail confirming your reward*.

Spread the word, share the joy! 

Choose your preferred means of communication to tell your maker friends about Mekanika!

Copy and paste the text below or share this page directly to contact your friends and maximize your chances of winning a gift voucher”

Sample text to share  👇


If you're ever looking for a CNC milling machine, Mekanika is offering a really good sponsorship deal with a €200 discount for you and a €200 voucher for me.

To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is mention me when you place your order, providing the information below so that I can be identified:

My first and last name

My e-mail address 

I hope this information will be of interest to you.

Have a nice day!


* This offer is reserved for people or entities who have already purchased a Mekanika CNC machine in the past. It cannot be combined with other promotions, and maximum two vouchers may be used at a time.

They have already shared their satisfaction