Careers at Mekanika

Our purpose? Make manufacturing more accessible at a local level.

We believe that a large proportion of the products we use every day could be fully produced locally, reducing unnecessary transport and creating meaningful jobs everywhere.

To do that, we create open-source machines and high-quality educational content, so that anyone can start creating products in a few days, without prior technical knowledge 

As of today, we've developed two sets of machines: 

  • Screen printing, enabling fabrics printing, and the launch of small clothing lines.
  • CNC milling, enabling digital manufacturing of wood, metals, plastics, or even stone.

Our users range from passionate individuals to entrepreneurs and creatives. We currently support more than 1000 users in 40 countries!

Our next steps: 

  • grow our team to 20 within the next 18 months
  • develop new machines with our open-source community
  • push peer-to-peer connections between users in order to share product templates and ideas.

Join the manufacturing revolution!


We don't have any job opening at the moment.