October Make Contest

Take part into the first edition of our October Make Contest,
showcase your work and win amazing prices.


Enter a contest celebrating
your designs and crafts

Over the last two years, we've spoken with hundreds of makers and professional using our CNC machines and were amazed by the quality and the variety of products we've seen.

With the first edition of the October Make Contest, we'd like to show your creations to the world and reward you for the work you accomplish.

            What you can win

            Every contester that submitted a video will be offered a 20% discount on all our add-ons and consumables, valid for one year.

            There will be two winners of this contest:

            • one selected by the public and our global audience, and

            • one by the Mekanika team itself.

            Winners will be able to choose between the three prices below.

            On top of this, the winners will be specially featured into our November newsletter (>12.000 monthly readers) and on our social media, quite an exposure!

            Composite Nail Gun

            The latest addition to our accessories: the composite nail gunner is the ultimate clamping solution if you work with big pieces of wood.

            End Mills Bundle

            Everyone needs end mills. If you choose this reward, you'll get a 400€ end mills bundle from Fraiser Tools., specially crafted for your needs.

            High-Z Upgrade

            Ever felt your machine lacked a bit of height? Well, we've just released this add-on to raise your axis, and it's compatible with every existing machine you migh have.

            How to participate

            For this first contest, we're not asking you to create anything new for us. However, we'd love to see how you use your CNC machine in your crafts and showcase a project you're particularly proud of.

            To participate, we'll ask you to make a video of minimum 1,5 minutes, where you explain your work in your own language, show how you use your CNC machine for a particular project, and show the final result of what you're doing with the machine. We'll also ask you a few pictures of your realization to put it forward if you win.

            All video and technical details will be available when your register, as well as some free resources to help you realize your video if you have no prior experience.

                                  How to win

                                   There will be two possibility to win the contest :

                                  • one winner will be selected by the Mekanika team (with an unbiased vote of the 10 members of the team)
                                  • the other winner will be selected by our audience after a week of votes, based on the videos you've sent.
                                  The criteria to win will be the following :
                                  • Overall design of the project
                                  • Craftsmanship and execution
                                  • Quality of the video and the explanation



                                  Yes, this is a contest for our users, and some of the rewards are only compatible with Mekanika machines.

                                  Yes, of course, you stand as many chances to win as someone with another model.

                                  Just register on the link above. You'll receive an email with all the details and some ressources to help you participate.

                                  The winners will be contacted by email prior to the announcement and we'll share a special newsletter about the contest announcement.

                                  You can register and send your video up to the 29th of October

                                  You can create an account with two clicks and post your video ! If you really don't want to be on Youtube, you can still send us your video and we'll host it.

                                  We want to see what you're using the machine for. Pick a project you're proud of that you'd like to share with the world!

                                  Sure, when you register, you'll receive video resources to help you record your video with nothing more than your smartphone.

                                  Register and receive all information to participate