CNC Online Training (4 half days)

A 12h learning path, online and within a small group, to master the basics of CAD/CAM and CNC Milling with Fusion360.

Next sessions are given on :

1/ FR session
- Module 1 (part 1) : 23/09 morning - Parametric drawing and 2D milling
- Module 1 (part 2) : 24/09 morning - Parametric drawing and 2D milling
- Module 2 : 27/09 morning - 3D Milling
- Module 3 : 30/09 morning - Design and mill assemblies

2/ EN session
- Module 1 (part 1) : 01/10 morning - Parametric drawing and 2D milling
- Module 1 (part 2) : 02/10 morning - Parametric drawing and 2D milling
- Module 2 : 07/10 afternoon - 3D Milling
- Module 3 : 08/10 afternoon - Design and mill assemblies

Included in the price : online training, support group with direct access to teacher and paper syllabus.

600.00 € 600.0 EUR 600.00 € VAT Excluded

600.00 € VAT Excluded

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    Terms and Conditions

    Content of the training session

    Module 1 (6h)

    Intro + 2D Milling

    Get to know the general concepts of CAD, CAM and CNC milling. 

    Discover Autodesk Fusion and master its main environments.

    Learn to draw, program and mill a 2.5D object from scratch, using parametric design and a simulation on a Mekanika CNC machine.

    Module 2 (3h)

    3D Milling

    Capitalize on your knowledge of the first module to extend your design and milling capabilities to 3D objects.

    Learn more specifically about end mills used for 3D milling and about how to improve surface finish

    Module 3 (3h)


    Learn how to draw complex projects that require assemblies. Extend your understanding of Fusion360 by installing useful add-ons to automatize recurrent tasks.

    Practical information

    Next training session (FR)

    • Module 1 (part 1) on 23/09 morning (3h)
    • Module 1 (part 2) on 24/09 morning (3h)
    • Module 2 on 27/09 morning (3h)
    • Module 3 on 30/09 morning (3h)

    Next training session (EN)

    • Module 1 (part 1) on 01/10 morning (3h)
    • Module 1 (part 2) on 02/10 morning (3h)
    • Module 2 on 07/10 afternoon (3h)
    • Module 3 on 08/10 afternoon (3h)

    Price (3 modules)

    600€ ex. VAT with training syllabus.

    Minimum equipment required

    A computer capable of running Autodesk Fusion and able to follow the training course via Zoom. It is not essential to already have access to a CNC milling machine.


    Access a Discord server with your co-learners (maximum 7 person by session) and your tutor to get direct help when you learn and test what you've learned. 

    Why learn with us?

    Small groups

    We're gathering maximum 7 persons per session to make sure you have the time to ask all your questions.

    Paper notes

    We've simplified your life with high quality, step-by-step paper note so you can fully focus on the training and redo the exercises at home.

    Support group

    You'll access a group discussion with your group, improving peer-to-peer learning.

    Experienced trainer

    Our trainer has more than 5 years experiences in teaching CNC milling.