With its user-friendly design and reliable performance, the FAB CNC machine is a must-have for workshops looking to speed up their production. Its 1300x2700mm working surface makes it the ideal tool to mill entire panels of wood, aluminum, plastic, fiberboard and more. CAUTION: the 2.2Kw spindle is an ADD-ON.

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    FAB - Meet your large format CNC machine


    FAB CNC machine - Steel structure

    Steel structure driven by high-torque motors

    The FAB has a strong and rigid structure, with 8 & 10mm steel plates and aluminium profiles (30x60mm & 60x60mm). 

    Its modular design means that you will be able to bring it through the front door of your workshop. 

    Its high-precision rack and pinion system on the Y-axis, its ball screws on the X- and Z-axis, and its prismatic rails allow it to remain accurate over long distances, even at high speeds.

    The Z-axis has a high clearance of 133mm, to comfortably work with thicker materials.

    FAB CNC machine - Panel milling

    Precise and speedy CNC panel milling

    This machine is specially designed for people who want to work with standard panels of all kinds, and create stairs, cabinets, surfboards and more. 

    The FAB can reliably mill a variety of materials at high speed. 

    Typical cutting parameters (soft wood):

    - Feedrate: 7000 mm/min

    - Depth of cut: 5 mm

    - Spindle speed: 20,000 rpm

    - Carbide cutter 3 flute 6 mmm

    FAB CNC machine - Plug and play computer

    Plug-and-play onboarded computer

    As opposed to many CNC milling machines on the market, the FAB comes with its own onboarded computer (Raspberry Pi 4B - 2 Gb RAM). 

    That means that you don't have to dedicate a computer to the running of the machine, or worry about the impact of dust on its performance and longevity. 

    The electronic control units are plug and play, assembled and tested in our workshop, in Brussels.

    Every Mekanika CNC milling machine comes with PlanetCNC Mk3/4.

    At least an affordable professional CNC machine!

    The FAB CNC machine has everything of a great machine except the price

    Its reliable design and large 1300x2700mm format will enable you to boost your production at a contained price.

    Price still an issue for you? 

    Take a look at our leasing offer to get you off to a good start!

    In the past, we were outsourcing a lot of our production, so bringing new products on the market  was a very long and expensive process. 

    The FAB CNC machine allows us to speed up that process, we can test new experiments every day but also save a lot of money! (...) the machine paid itself back in less than a year.

    Pierre Stevens • Bilmo (cargo bike furniture)

    What you get with every Mekanika CNC milling machine


    Easy-to-use, high-quality machines you can rely on

    (5-year warranty).


    Learn from our CNC tutorials, and take part in our vibrant community to get your projects to the next level.


    Open-source plans for easy customization and repair.

    Tech support

    Technical support from a team of experts based in Belgium, that will help you within a working day.

    All Mekanika machines come in a kit, and have to be assembled - which means you have full control of your machine, and will be able to easily make it enter your workshop. 

    FAB's full tech specs

    FAB CNC Machine technical specifications


    Working Area
    1330 x 2700 mm
    Overall footprint1750 x 3150 x 1250 mm
    Z clearance height
    Typical cutting parameters (softwood)
    - Feedrate: 7000 mm/min
    - Depth of cut: 5 mm
    - Spindle speed: 20,000 rpm
    - Carbide cutter 3 flutes 6 mm
    Maximal axial speed25,000 mm/min
    Maximal traverse speed
    30,000 mm/min

    Typical cutting accuracy

    0.1 mm *

    *this value highly depends on the tool and cutting parameters chosen by the operator

    Positioning accuracy

    X & Z-axis : ± 50 µm / 300 mm

    Y-axis: ±26 µm / 1000 mm

    Spindle2.2 kW air cooled
    Speed from 5000 to 24000 rpm
    ER20 collets
    Power consumption1x 230VAC (max. power: 3.5 kW with spindle, +0,55 kW with dust collection)


    - Steel plates (8 & 10mm) 
    - Aluminium profiles (30x60mm & 60x60mm)
    Linear guide systemDouble prismatic rail HGR20
    Drive System
    X and Z-AxisBallscrews 16 mm ±50 µm / 300 mm (C7)
    Y-AxisMod 2 Rack and pinion
    ±26 µm / 1000 mm (DIN5 / Q5) 


    - Nema34, 6 A, 4.5 Nm (X & Y)
    - Nema23, 5 A,  2.2 Nm (Z)
    Motor drivers
    - 32-bit DSP
    - 72 VDC 8.4 A
    - Microstepping 1/32
    - Idle current control
    - Speed smoothing coefficient (acceleration/deceleration)
    Onboarded computerRaspberry Pi 4B (2 Gb RAM)
    Ports- 3 USB ports
    - 1 Ethernet port
    - 1 HDMI port
    Connectors- Neutrik XLR (motors and sensors)
    - GX12 (inputs/outputs)
    Interface Unit (not included)- 13.3" TFT IPS capacitive touchscreen 
    - Custom Bluetooth keypad 
    Connectivity - WiFi (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac )
    - Bluetooth (5.0)
    - Gigabit Ethernet
    Limits SensorsInductive sensors (6x)
    Tool length sensorTouch plate with crocodile clip
    PlanetCNC Mk3/4


    PlanetCNC TNGv2  
    - Embedded G-code generator/editor
    - Toolpath visualization
    - Import toolpath from 2D files (dxf, png,...)
    - Advanced motion interpolation
    - Simulation mode
    - Manual Data Input mode (MDI)
    - Automatic homing and square gantry
    - Automatic tool length measuring and probing
    - Feed & speed override
    - Customizable view, scripts and M-codes
    CAM compatibilityCompatible with all CAM software available on the market (advising Autodesk Fusion 360)

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