High-Z CNC


Improve the height of your Z-Axis to mill bigger objects.

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    Why Upgrade the Z-axis?

    The standard Z-axis clearance of our machines has been designed for a good balance between rigidity and cutting capabilities. Knowing that the allowed Z-axis travel can be a limitation for some applications, we developed this high-Z upgrade kit to give you a lot more room to work. It's simple: if your material fits under the gantry, you can cut it entirely (see schematics below). In addition to the new increased workspace, you will have more space to access your work during setup tasks, tool changes, etc.

    With this kit, you will get:

    • 2x 340mm aluminium profiles (Evo/Pro/Fab)
    • 2x 300mm linear rails; (Pro/Fab)
    • 1x 350mm ball screw (Pro/Fab) or lead screw (Evo)
    • 2x new gantry steel plates (Evo)
    • 1x rigidity z-axis steel plate (Evo)
    • all the necessary screws and nuts to assemble the kit.

    Please note that the Evo high-Z kit it will slightly increase the flexibility of your machine gantry, potentially impacting your machine capabilities in terms of cutting speed and depth-of-cut (mostly in hard materials).