End Mills - Boss Ultimate Set


This ultimate set for professional CNC milling machines consists of 6 coated router bits (6 and 8 mm shanks), ideal for those who need to have all the bits on hand and want to work with wood, aluminium or plastic. Their special coating limits heat development during milling, minimizing the chance of burning the workpiece and allowing the cutting edge to last three times as long!

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284.40 € VAT Excluded

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    You will get the following end mills, all shipped together in individual protective packages:

    • P302.060.6D, an upcut milling cutter with positive helical cutting edges, diameter 6mm, useful cutting width 17mm with high chip discharge
    • P303.060.6D, a downcut milling cutter for grooves on coated or delicate materials, 2 negative cutting helixes that push the chips down leaving the top of the workpiece perfect. Diameter 6mm and cutting capacity 27mm.
    • P307.080.8D, a milling cutter with a chip breaker that crushes even the hardest wood with ease and allows you to move quickly into the workpiece, limiting the consumption of the cutter. Diameter 8mm and cutting capacity 35mm.
    • P212.060.6D, a fantastic 30° single-lip lettering and engraving cutter that allows you to create your own plaques and ideas in a detailed and smudge-free way
    • P301.031.6D, if you work with plastics on a recurring basis and are looking for a cutter that won't clog up with chips and burn the workpiece, then this end mill is the ideal choice. With a diameter of 3mm and a cutting capacity of 12mm, it is one of the most popular cutters in the catalogue.
    • P314.032.6D is the milling cutter with 3 "positive" cutting helixes that pull the chips upwards and develop a conical profile that allows you to create a real three-dimensional effect.

    WARNING: Collets are not provided in the kit

    We also provide a pre-configured library of tools for Fusion360, which will help you get the optimised cutting parameters for these end mills. For those of you that use a different CAM environment. the zip archive contains a text file with all the cutting parameters as well.

    Download Tool Parameters

    Note: Considering that your machine, your end mill stickout, and the material used will be in different conditions than the ones used to determine the parameters, we recommend you use the parameters as ideal values to be reached gradually. Always start with slightly lower values and gradually increase, being ready to intervene if the milling should proceed in the wrong way. We decline all responsibility for the results obtained. Also note that if you are working against the grain of wood, the indicated feed rate values should be multiplied by 0.7. The same factor should be applied if working on Evo, since the machine is less rigid than the Pro and Fab models.