Fast Workholding - Composite Nailer

Our professional nail gun will help you clamp your parts to your machine with ease. This kit is composed of an Omer B17P Composite Nailer, and of 3 pack of nails (20 mm, 32mm, 57mm). Air compressor hose connector is NOT included.

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536.36 € VAT Excluded

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    Why use composite nails?

    Our nailer is the perfect workholding solution for the following materials:

    • MDF
    • Plywood
    • Thin boards of hardwood
    • Thick boards of hardwood (with the use of pilot holes)

    Very fast, ideal for production
    Can't be used to hold any material
    No risk of damaging your bits (you can cut through the nails)You'll need to check if your spoilerboard is free of nail residues after a milling
    Possibility to mill the entire surface of the workpiece
    Composite nails create stronger bonds than regular nails