How to Choose the Right Post-Processor for your Mekanika CNC machine

Fusion 360 - Vcarve pro

In order to create a G-code from your CAM software and make it compatible with your Mekanika CNC machine, you need to choose the right post-processor. 

This article will guide through the process on Fusion360 and Vcarve, whether you are using a Mac or a PC. 

If you are using another CAM software, please write us at . We will gladly help you find a matching post-processor.

Autodesk Fusion360

  1. Open Fusion360 and go directly to the “Manufacture” menu. 

  1. Open the “ Post Process” dialogue box by clicking on .

  1. In the “Post” section, click on . This will open the “Post Library”.


  1. Type “Mekanika” in the search field. Select the only item found.

  1. Finish by clicking on “Ok”, and you're done!

From now on, Fusion360 will use this post-processor by default.

You can check if it is correct when posting your setups by verifying this field. 


VCarve Pro

You can download the correct post-processor here .

  1. Download the file and copy its path in your clipboard.
  2. In Vcarve Pro, open the toolpath widget and click on "save toolpath".

    3. Click on the "Post-processor field".

    4. Select " Add Post-processors"

    5. In the "Associated Post-Processors" widget, click on the + icon.

    6. At the bottom of the widget, you will find a folder icon. By passing your mouse on top of it, you will see " Install Post-Processor to custom Post-Processor directory". Click on the icon. 

    7. Paste the path to the folder where you have saved the post-processor earlier.

8. Back to the “Post-Processor Management” widget. Select "Mekanika(mm)(*.ngc)" and click on select.

It should now be your default post-processor in Vcarve pro.