How to Make a Mekanika Branded Sign

A CNC project for the Mekanika fans (we love you!)


This project is for all Mekanika fans.
We noticed a few of our Makers mill Mekanika branded signs for their workshops and machines. So here are all the files you need in case you want to decorate your workshop and brand the Mekanika community flag.

You can find a video of one of the Mekanika staff milling this specific CNC project.


If you feel comfortable with Fusion360, you can modify the dimensions and the end mills used to get a different outcome.


The sign is made from plywood.

End mill

We used a 3mm down-cut end-mill for the “make differently engraving”
then switched to a 6 mm roughing end-mill for the big letters and the contour.

End result

A branded sign we made with our brand logo to decorate our office's library


Gcode + Fusion360 project files

About Mekanika

Mekanika is a Belgian startup based in Brussels whose ambition is to make local production more accessible. We produce desktop machines for screen printing and CNC milling, which have been recognized for their quality and ease of use, with open source plans allowing makers to adapt their tools to their specific needs. 

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