We've designed this machine to solve the most common problems CNC users find when they start.

A simple and intuitive control

Our touch screen, together with a dedicated keypad will allow you to control this machine the easiest way. 

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The most compact machine on the market

We know space is always an issue in the beginning. With this machine, what you see is what you get: no need for an external computer or extra room to put your control box. Everything is there.

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Do your needs evolve? This machine does too.

It's probably the most unique feature we've developed: this machine is really able to follow you for years. We'd tend to say for a lifetime.

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The core of what we're doing is to help you create. So to ease your access to manufacturing processes, we regularly publish educative content, for free.

Video Tutorials

Learn step by step with our beginner to advanced video tutorials.

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Technical Articles

Acquire more technical knowledge with our in-depth articles.

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Project Library

Learn step by step with hands on real-world projects.


Expand you possibilities

We believe the next step in hand-made products and prototyping includes being able to work with several materials on the same project. With one machine, you can easily work with dozens of different materials.

Start in no time

Our role is to make a complex technology like CNC milling accessible to everyone, without any technical background. For that, we develop a lot of video and article content as well as some librairies of projects and softwares add-ons to help you. 

            WE ARE OPEN SOURCE

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            To make our machine accessible,  we've partner up with Wikifactory to host all our files, mounting guides and ressources   as we believe their platform and community host the future of open hardware.  

            You can already have a look at the open source files here 

            We design modular

            By designing with modularity in mind, we can  improve lifespan, ease repairability  and give the possibility to modify or improve the machine for specific uses. It also eases the further development of add-ons and new features. 

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            OUR TEAM

            In 2018, we launched Mekanika with one idea in mind: facilitate local communities' access to manufacturing processes, through open source tools and quality educational content.

            Our objective is to help people create, prototype or produce small series with quality tools and machines, which can be made by themselves or by ordering kits.