Achievable Accuracy
            Up to 0.1 mm                                               
            Working Area

            Evo S
            630x630 mm
            Evo M 630x1030 mm
            Evo L 1030x1030 mm
            Overall Size
            Evo S
            850x850 mm
            Evo M
            850x1250 mm
            Evo L
            1250x1250 mm
            Z clearance height

            Maximal travel speed 15 000 mm/min


            Steel plates (6mm) 
            - Heavy-duty aluminium profiles
            Drive System

            X-Axis - Steel reinforced PU GT2  belts pulleys 

            -  Nema 23 stepper motor (165Ncm)

            - 16-wheel chariot 

            - Custom guiding rails
            Y-Axis Steel reinforced PU GT2  belts pulleys

            - Dual Nema 23 stepper motor (165Ncm)

            - Dual 8-wheel chariot 

            - Custom guiding rails

            Z-Axis Nema 23 stepper motor (165Ncm)

            - Trapezoidal lead screw

            Anti-Backlash nut

            - Custom guiding rails
            Spindle Standard : 1050 W
            Optional : - 1400 W
                               - DI version (computer controlled) 


              4 PlanetCNC 2.5 A Stepper Drivers
            Embedded computer Raspberry Pi 4 - 2 GB RAM
            Ports - 4 USB 
            - 1 Gigabit Ethernet
            - HDMI
            Connectors - Neutrik XLR (Stepper motors and sensors)
            - GX12 (Z-probe and Emergency stop)
            Interface Unit - HD capacitive touchscreen 
            - Custom Bluetooth keypad 
            Connectivity  - WiFi (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac )
            - Bluetooth (5.0)
            - Gigabit Ethernet
            Limits Sensors 4  Mechanical switches


            - Embedded Gcode generator/editor

            - Toolpath visualization

            - Simulation mode

            - Manual Gcode entry 

            - Customizable environment

            CAM compatibility Compatible with all CAM software available on the market.
            (Advising Fusion360)
            Main features - Motion control

            - Homing

            - Z probing

            - Gantry squaring

            Feed & Speed editor


            DI spindles will automatically stop when emergency stop is pressed or when the milling is finished. 
            This limits the time where a sharp end mill in spinning to minimum.

            DI spindles are optional products.
            Enclosure The enclosure offers a safe environment around the CNC in which nothing can enter while the CNC is running. 

            The doors are monitored and there opening will automatically cause an emergency stop of the machine and DI Spindle. 

            The enclosure is an optional product