Working Area

            Evo S
            630 x 630 mm
            Evo M 630 x 1030 mm
            Evo L 1030 x 1030 mm
            Overall Size
            Evo S
            850 x 850 x 650mm
            Evo M
            850 x 1250 x 650mm
            Evo L
            1250 x 1250 x 650mm
            Z clearance height

            Typical cutting parameters (softwood) - Feedrate: 3000 mm/min
            - Depth of cut: 3 mm
            - Spindle speed: 17,000 rpm
            - Carbide cutter 3 flutes 6 mm
            Maximal travel speed 20,000 mm/min

            Typical cutting accuracy

            0.2 mm *
            *this value highly depends on the tool and cutting parameters chosen by the operator

            Positioning accuracy

            0.1 mm

            Spindle AMB 1.05 kW
            Speed from 3000 to 25000 rpm
            AMB collets

            AMB 1.4 kW
            Speed from 3000 to 25000 rpm
            ER16 collets
            Power consumption 1x 230VAC (max. power: 200W without spindle)


            - Steel plates (6mm)
            - Aluminium profiles (30x60mm & 60x60mm)
            Linear guide system V-slot wheels
            Drive System

            X and Y-Axis - Steel-reinforced PU GT2  belts
            - GT2 20T 6mm pulleys 
            Z-Axis - T8 Trapezoidal leadscrew
            - Anti-Backlash nut


            Nema23, 2 A (4x)
            Motor drivers
            - 24 VDC, 2.5 A
            - Microstepping 1/32
            Embedded computer Raspberry Pi 4 - 2 GB RAM
            Ports - 3 USB ports
            - 1 Ethernet port
            - 1 HDMI port
            Connectors - Neutrik XLR (motors and sensors)
            - GX12 (inputs/outputs)
            Interface Unit - 7" TFT IPS capacitive touchscreen 
            - Custom Bluetooth keypad 
            Connectivity  - WiFi (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac )
            - Bluetooth (5.0)
            - Gigabit Ethernet
            Limits Sensors High-precision microswitch (4x)
            Tool length sensor Touch plate with crocodile clip
            PlanetCNC Mk3/4


            PlanetCNC TNGv2  
            - Embedded G-code generator/editor
            - Toolpath visualization
            - Import toolpath from 2D files (dxf, png,...)
            - Advanced motion interpolation
            - Simulation mode
            - Manual Data Input mode (MDI)
            - Automatic homing and square gantry
            - Automatic tool length measuring and probing
            - Feed & speed override
            - Customizable view, scripts and M-codes
            CAM compatibility Compatible with all CAM software available on the market (advising Fusion360)


            DI spindles will automatically stop when an emergency stop button is pressed or a milling program is finished. 

            This limits the time when a sharp endmill is spinning to a minimum.

            DI spindles are optional products.
            Enclosure The enclosure offers a safe environment around the CNC in which nothing can enter while the CNC is running. 

            The doors are monitored and their opening will automatically cause an emergency stop of the machine and DI Spindle. 

            The enclosure is an optional product

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