What is the right CNC milling machine for you?



EVO - The best machine to discover CNC

With EVO, you get a versatile CNC milling machine that will let you explore different materials. It is fast and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for hobbyists and occasional professional use. And when you're ready for more, it can evolve alongside your skills and business.



PRO - A robust CNC machine for precise milling

With PRO, you get a much more robust and powerful machine. Its ballscrews and prismatic linear rails on every axis gives it superior accuracy, meaning it will adapt to your needs and provide you with precise milling, no matter the job or material. 



FAB -  Speed up production with CNC panel milling

Capable of handling any panel-shaped material, this machine boasts cutting speeds of up to 10,000mm/min, making it the ideal solution for fast and efficient production. Its user-friendly design and reliable performance make it a must-have for any workshop looking to quickly produce furniture, stairs, surfboards, signs, and more.



CNC Milling Comparison : EVO vs PRO

Looking to purchase your very own desktop CNC machine? This breakdown of the differences between Mekanika's EVO and PRO models will make clear the capabilities of each machine, and which one is for you.


Discover the FAB

Want to scale your production with a CNC milling machine? FAB is the panel size CNC you need. Fast, compact, and precise, it allows you to mill complete panels at high speed.

What you get with every Mekanika CNC milling machine


Easy-to-use, high-quality machines you can rely on (5-year warranty).


Open-source plans for easy customization and repair.


Learn from our CNC tutorials, and take part in our vibrant community to get your projects to the next level.

Tech support

Technical support from a team of experts based in Belgium, that will help you within a working day.

EVO vs PRO vs FAB - Comparison table

Clean shot of the EVO CNC milling machine

Clean shot of the Mekanika PRO CNC milling machine

Name EVO model
PRO model
FAB model
Up to 3 available sizes
(S, M, L)
One size
Working surface Up to 1030 x 1030mm (full specs)
Up to 1030 x 1030mm (full specs)
1300x2700mm (full specs)
Starting price (excl. VAT)
From 2,200€
From 4,700€
From 11,000€
  5-year warranty
  Materials you can mill
Wood, cork, PMMA (plexiglas), HPL (trespa), foam, ATH (Corian), carbon fiber, aluminum and much more...
All materials milled with EVO + stone and hard metals (brass, steel, etc.)
All materials milled with EVO + stone and hard metals (brass, steel, etc.)
Achievable accuracy Up to 0.1mm
Below 0.1mm Below 0.1mm
Typical cutting speeds (soft wood)
5000mm/min 7000mm/min
Typical cutting depth (soft wood)
0.5 x Tool Diameter
0.7 x Tool Diameter
0.8 x Tool Diameter
Linear guide system
V-slot wheels
Double HGR20 linear rail
Double HGR20 prismatic rail
  Drive system (X-axis & Y-axis)
Steel-reinforced PU GT2 belts & pulleys
Nema23 motor 2.2Nm
Ballscrew 16mm
Nema23 motor 2.2Nm
Y axis: Rack and pinion Mod 2 ±26µm / 1000mm (DIN5) and Nema34 motor 4.5Nm
X axis: Ballscrew 16mm and Nema34 motor 4.5Nm
  Drive system (Z-axis)
T8 Trapezoidal leadscrew
Nema23 motor 2.2Nm
Ballscrew 16mm
Nema23 motor 2.2Nm
Ballscrew 16mm
Nema23 motor 2.2Nm
Controller (Planet CNC)

Onboarded computer (Raspberry Pi 4 - 2 GB RAM)

User interface
7" TFT IPS capacitive touchscreen
Custom Bluetooth keypad
7" TFT IPS capacitive touchscreen
Custom Bluetooth keypad
Add-on: 13" capacitive touchscreen
Custom Bluetooth keypad
Available spindles
AMB 1050 FME-1 
AMB 1400 FME-P DI 
AMB 1400 FME-P DI 
Air-cooled 2.2kW VFD 
Air-cooled 2.2kW VFD 
Tool length sensor

Bundles available EVO bundle / EVO education bundle PRO bundle / PRO education bundle
FAB bundle
Full tech specs
EVO model
PRO model
FAB model

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