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Wooden Bowties & Accessories

Wooden bow ties

Story & Experience

Previously a creator of lighting units and restorer of vintage furniture. Michel Fawe has recently turned to digital manufacturing for his new project: MF Belgium.

"I started training myself in 2D drawing on another software, but until recently I had no experience in CAD design and even less in machining... I used to make my creations with regular carpentry tools."

Learning Curve

"It took me one day to assemble my Mekanika Evo-L and prepare my workshop to get started. The learning curve was quite fast. I went straight from GS8 2D to Fusion360 by following Mekanika’s video tutorials."

"From there, I designed a support with a vacuum pump to hold the bowties that I manufacture, and I read the online articles on how to program end mills and feed rates. I finally gave myself a few days of trial and error on the material before I felt completely comfortable."


"When I was working by hand, I had to use a dust mask and make several passes with different abrasives to finish my parts. A bowtie used to take me 6 to 8 minutes to make, while now it only takes 1m52 and the dust is directly collected by the machine dust shoe. I only have to do light sanding and my roundings are of a consistency that is impossible to match by hand."

"Basically, my production time has been divided by 4! Not to mention the time that I save by not having to clean the dust in my workspace."

"In addition, I realize that the use of a CNC machine opens up a whole new set of possibilities; bowties with 3D textures for instance. Whether it's for bowties, Christmas decorations, or personalized cutting boards, the only limit is your imagination."