Become Our Reseller

Mekanika is looking for resellers/agents/representatives who would like to offer the Mekanika product range in their country.

Any potential partners must already be involved in the maker, prototype and local manufacturing industry, and:
  • already have their own sales network and customer base and 
  • have the desire and ability to bring new products onto their market
  • have a solid technical background and support system in place

  • If you have a passion for design, machines & are ready to make an impact on your country's local economy by giving them access to awesome technology and solutions, get in touch !

    Who We Are

    Mekanika is a one-of-a-kind newcomer in the manufacturing machine sector.

    Our products range are designed to meet the entrepreneurial journey of every professional, from prosumer to scaling production. Every step of the way, we offer the best product on the market, at an unbeatable price.

    We have product development in our DNA and will continue to launch new products in every sector we target, every year. 

    We have a strong community and modern marketing that stands out from the traditional competition.

    Why Choose Us ?

    • Our customers choose us not only for our products, but for the surrounding ecosystems. Not only do we sell them machines: we guide them in their use and showcase their work. We intend to keep that link with our users at scale.

    • User experience is at the core of our machine design and usability is our obsession.

    • We already export our products in more than 28 countries in EU, South-Asia, Australia, North Africa and North America.

    • Our production model is inherently highly scalable, and we're able to increase production capacity at high speed pace.

    • Our marketing is strong and will support your sales. Our Youtube Channel already counts more than 500k views.

    • We'll release new products and new market opportunities on a regular basis.

    • We're in possession of CE quality certification. All our machines are CE certified.

    • We're the first company ever to offer open source professional machines at scale. Our machines are highly repairable and it's an unbeatable sales argument. 

    Get in Touch

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