Help for Financing your Machine

The purpose of this article is to present non-exhaustive solutions to help you with the financing of your machine. This is an ongoing article, that we'll keep up to date and improve to add more and more countries resources when we learn about them. 

There a two main possibilities:
1/ We've just launched our own leasing program, helping you to pay your machine with monthly steps. 
2/ We've made a repository of public financing help, sorted by country/region: 


In Belgium, you can take advantage of grants and subsidies offered by the Regions depending on your sector of activity.


In Brussels, you have two possibilities
  • if you're setting up your activity, you can benefit from " Prime Indépendant ", which gives you financial assistance of up to €4,000 to get your business off the ground. 
  • if you're an existing business, you can benefit from an investment allowance , which gives you financial assistance of between 30% and 50% of the cost of investments related to your craft business. Your investment should however be of minimum 10.000€.
You can also apply for an investment deduction, which will improve the tax-efficiency of your investment.


In Flanders, you can benefit from an Investment Allowance of up to 50%.


In Wallonie, you can benefit from an Investment Allowance for an investment of minimum 25.000€, and you'll receive up to 30% back.


In France, you have access to a governmental help for investment for up to 20% of your purchased, with a cap at 1200€ for public help. There's also a governmental help to modernize crafts workshop that can support 50% of your investment (up to 7.000€) to buy new equipment.

You however have a lot of regional subsidies that we've classified in alphabetical order here under :




  • Help for investments, up to 20% with a maximum of 20k€ for new companies and 50k€ for existing ones

Centre Val-de-Loire



Grand Est





Pays de la Loire

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Polynésie Française

La Réunion



Nouvelle Calédonie



In Luxembourg, you have access to a public credit to help you invest in equipment, that will cover up to 75% of your investment if you're starting your company, with an amount of up to 2,5m€. 

European Union

You can access the European Union's funding programmes, which support research and innovation projects, including in the digital field. You can search for funding opportunities on the website: Access to funding - European Commission (