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First, we will help you assemble your machine! Follow this link to our support website to access the relevant documentation and assembly guide for your specific machine.

Check your boxes

Before starting the assembly, we highly recommend verifying the content of your kit (e.g. number of boxes), and discovering what is inside the packages you received.  

Start assembling

Get started with the assembly of your machine, following the   step-by-step animated assembly guides you will find in the above mentioned documentation.

Install your add-ons (optional)

Equip your machine with the accessories that you may have also purchased (spoiler board, dust shoe, etc).

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            #2 LEARN CNC MILLING

            Learn the basics

            Get better by doing

            Go to the next level

            Learn the basics of CNC

            Follow step-by-step our series of tutorials

            This 4-video series will teach you everything you need to know to go from a sketch design to a milled object. 

            Turn your drawing into a 3D File

            Turn your 3D File into G-code

            Get your machine ready to mill

            Mill your project

            Get better by doing

            We have designed a few projects to help your learn

            They all come with ready-to-use G-codes, but also with 3D projects that you can modify as you wish and get familiar with the basic tools used in CNC milling.

            WALL HOOKS

            Learn basic drawing and milling operations on plywood with those quickly-milled wall hooks. The original design was made for a skateboard or a snowboard, but you can modify it to hold anything you'd like.

            Continue reading...

            GUITAR STAND

            Learn basic wood assemblies and how parts are being put together differently using dogbones. At the same time, you'll learn how to recognize the wood grain direction for a better finishing.

            Continue reading...

            3D MAP

            Learn how to turn an STL file found online into a G-code. This project will walk you through complex 3D milling operations, as well as tool changes.

            Continue reading...

            Learn advanced technical concepts

            We have written in-depth articles about CNC milling

            Now that you're familiar with your machine, you can go deeper to enjoy its full potential. Learn all important concepts of CNC milling at your own pace and apply them to your projects.


            Clamping your piece correctly will bring better accuracy and safety. Discover the different possibilities and choose the best one for your project.

            Continue reading...


            You want to work with another CAM/CAD software than Fusion360? No problem, Evo is compatible with every software on the market. Learn how to connect your software to your machine.

            Continue reading...


            There are dozens of different end mill models and qualities out there. Learn how to choose the right end mill for the right project.

            Continue reading...