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We have 7 different CNC machines models designed for every use, from delicate woodworking or precise metalworking to full production. 

  • On our Evo models, we offer you the spoilerboard and dust shoe, equivalent to a discount up to 360€ ex. VAT.
  • On our Pro models, we offer you a free spindle upgrade to our powerful 2,2kW spindle, as well as the spoilerboard and dust shoe, equivalent to a discount up to 933€ ex. VAT.
  • On our Fab models, we offer a 10% discount on our bundle, equivalent to a 1380€  ex. VAT discount on the machine with full accessories.

Join the movement 

We've launched Mekanika to support the makers, the artisans, the tinkerers of our world

Making things isn’t just a hobby, but rather a way to shape the world around us and give meaning to the objects we use every day.

Discover our manifesto, where we share our philosophy of work:

  • We are open-source and share knowledge
  • We fight planned obsolescence
  • We value human interactions and aim for a sustainable production

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The Deals

The Deals end on 19th of July 2024

Clean shot of the EVO CNC milling machine

Clean shot of the Mekanika PRO CNC milling machine

Name EVO model
PRO model
FAB model
Prices from 2 223,14 €
4 702,48€
11 094,22€
Save up to 350€ 
(ex. VAT)
(ex. VAT)
(ex. VAT)
Up to 3 available sizes
(S, M, L)
Up to 1030 x 1030mm (full specs)
Up to 1030 x 1030mm (full specs)
1300x2700mm (full specs)
  5-year warranty
Deal options Free spoilerboard and dust shoe Free upgrade to computer-controlled 2200W spindle
Free spoilerboard and dust shoe
-10% on machine or bundle

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